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What our clients say


To receive great feedback means a lot. It’s a testament to our hard work and a sign of confidence in the practical and emotional support we give to our clients.

But, more importantly, to know that we’re making a real difference to our clients’ lives is invaluable.

We learn from our clients. We listen and adapt.

What our clients say

'Denise was able to get us what is called interim payments, which was a sum of money from the hospital. This enabled us to provide James with things that he needed. James requires 24 hour care, we need extra support with his education, he also needs an awful lot of specialist equipment, just so that he is able to do ordinary things that we take for granted that other 12 year-old lads would do.[...] I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and, the amount of support that Denise has given us, on a personal and a practical level, that has made such a huge difference to our lives.' - Suzanne Adams, mother of James Robshaw

'You need to have a legal team who are caring, who you absolutely trust and who will tell you the truth. Certainly from our point of view Denise Stephens from Shoosmiths has been absolutely amazing.' - Andy Evans, father of Milly Evans

'We know from his demeanour, his manner, the way he spoke to you as well, he treated you as a person rather than just a case. You know, he knew what you were going through. [...] Very methodical, black is black and white is white, there is no sort of grey area in between, which is brilliant for me because we knew where we stood all the way through the case.' - Wayne Smith, rehabilitation client

'Chris was amazing because, often is the people around the injured person that don't get any support. [My husband (the injured person)] got everything, everything he needed, Chris sorted it, he was brilliant! We... we were just there and, sometimes, just having Chris to talk to and say "Yeah! You know, you will be feeling that. That's fine." or "We could do this to help." and it helped the whole family. [My husband] is a different person. Don't know who he was before the accident, completely different. He is more chilled now, he is a bit more relaxed, he doesn't see everything as a fight. He is calmer and, once we finished the case, that was a huge change for him. He actually sat and said: "I quite like life now! This is OK.".' - Helen Smith, wife of a rehabilitation client

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  • Brain Injury Group
  • Child Brain Injury Trust
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  • Bens Heroes Trust

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