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Changing Your Solicitor To Us


You don’t have to stay with the panel solicitor an insurance company nominates or the law firm you are told you 'must use' if you feel they don't have the experience, or time, your case needs.

We instruct experts to deal with the things in life we are not expert in. Often feeling that you have chosen the right professional to safeguard your interests sometimes comes down to trust and instinct.

Most solicitors do their best but a small minority fall short. Maybe your current lawyer is ill, overworked, slow to act or simply out of their depth. Maybe they just don’t understand how seriously you have been affected by what happened.

If you are worried that your case is not going the way it should it does no harm to get a second opinion or find out how a case such as yours would normally be dealt with and how long it should take.

It helps to take independent specialist legal advice from an experts who can reassure you if everything is on track, help you know what questions to ask and tell you, what steps you can reasonably expect your lawyer should have taken on your behalf .

If you are worried about a legal action that is important to you, we can talk through your concerns, free of charge and in complete confidence. If things really have gone too far wrong, we’ll advise you about remedies against your previous lawyer.

If you find, through no fault of yours, your case is not progressing as you feel it should, we can help you formulate a plan of action to put things right - before it is too late. In most cases you are free to change solicitor when you wish, although that’s not an easy decision to make, especially if you are worried about the implications of 'changing horses in mid-stream'.

We can help you come to the right decision, made in full knowledge of the options open to you and your legal rights. We can advise you about the cost implications (if any) of changing solicitor and give you reassurance and peace of mind.

Who we work with

  • Brain Injury Group
  • Child Brain Injury Trust
  • Headway
  • SIA
  • Back Up
  • Macmillan
  • Danielles Flutterbyes
  • Forces
  • Bens Heroes Trust

Our accreditations

  • Accredited Personal Injury
  • Apil
  • Ama
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Legal 500
  • UK Chambers
  • The Society Of Clinical Injury Lawyers