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Occupational Cancer Compensation

Cancer is not a single disease with a single cause or treatment. It develops when cells in the body grow in an uncontrolled and abnormal way. There are numerous types of cancer each with its own name and treatment and different types of cancer have their different sets of causes.


A diagnosis of cancer can have a devastating impact on a person and their family. When the cause is a cancer-causing agent (carcinogen) at work you may have a right to make a compensation claim.

Many occupational cancers affect the respiratory organs, the skin or the liver. Development of the disease is influenced by a combination of factors including personal habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, genetics, personal characteristics such as sex, ethnicity or age, exposure to carcinogens in the environment and so on.

Sadly many thousands of people are diagnosed with a cancer due to their job each year. It is estimated that occupational cancers are a leading cause of work-related death worldwide. Asbestos related diseases alone account for at least 100,000 deaths worldwide each year.

In the United Kingdom, there are now more than two million people living with cancer and it is estimated that over 700,000 are of working age. According to a study in Great Britain over one year, 5.3% (8,010) cancer deaths were attributable to occupational exposure - almost 40 times more fatalities than are due to workplace accidents.

Cancers associated with occupational exposure include:

  • lung cancer
  • mesothelioma

If you are in any way concerned about symptoms you should seek advice from your GP.

Types of Occupational cancer claims

Occupational Cancer Claims

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