Scarring after an accident does more than just physical harm

19 January 2018

The tragic physical and psychological consequences of facial scarring through a road traffic accident, an accident at work or deliberate acid attack have made the headlines recently. Equally devastating psychological damage can result from scarring to other parts of the body – the arms and legs - which are also visible, but even if not, scarring here can still similarly sap confidence and self-esteem.

The psychological impact of scarring

Fortunately, most scars heal quickly and leave only a faint mark but people who suffer severe scarring anywhere on the body lose confidence in their image and looks which in turn impacts on all aspects of their life. Engaging in physical exercise like swimming is no longer possible because it is more difficult to hide the scarring. Avoiding social interaction and physical exercise can damage self-confidence even further.

We have clients who avoid hydrotherapy treatment, intended to help with recovery, simply because they prefer to stay covered up. And this need to stay covered up, no matter what the weather, can lead to significant discomfort during the warmer months.

Commonly, we encounter people with severe scarring who are suffering from extreme social anxiety – sometimes to the extent that they no longer want to leave their homes and interact with the outside world. This can then lead to depression and feelings of isolation.

The limitations of purely cosmetic solutions to scarring

Many victims turn to purely cosmetic solutions – creams, concealers and camouflage make-up - that will disguise to some extent what they consider to be their unsightly scars. During my many years of practice in cases involving severe scarring (not only on the face but also on the limbs) I have seen how these injuries can affect a person’s quality of life. The limitations of purely cosmetic camouflage approaches in helping them overcome their concerns and anxieties is also often evident.

Many who have suffered scarring also believe that there are only limited options available to them since there are very few large specialist law firms victims can turn to for advice about compensation and rehabilitation.

Cosmesis – an aesthetic covering to disguise scarring more effectively

To help clients feel more confident and at ease in their everyday interactions we seek to secure access to cutting edge non-surgical, non-cosmetic techniques which completely disguise the appearance of unsightly scarring.

For example, we have referred a number of clients to The London Prosthetic Centre which specialises in cosmesis - high-quality cosmetic covers that will disguise scar tissue and are almost indistinguishable from natural skin.

Made from waterproof silicone, these cosmeses are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. Matched to the individual’s skin colour and texture, the cosmesis can incorporate skin pigmentation, freckles, veins, hair and even tattoos to produce an authentic and personalised finish.

The difference that these sophisticated scar disguise solutions can make is enormous. They provide a confidence boost that enables people to be active and socialise again and, in turn, this helps to support mental well-being.

Restoring our client’s quality of life

Helping to restore a client’s quality of life is a priority for the team at Shoosmiths. We dedicate time and effort to researching and helping clients access the very latest technologies solutions.  By building close working relationships with our clients we gain an intimate understanding of how they have been impacted by visible scarring.

We will continue to research the latest innovations in the world of cosmesis to ensure clients have access to the most effective solutions on the market. As ever, our goal is to help people regain that all important quality of life.

before a scarred leg and after a cosmesis covered up


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