Revolutionary cosmesis to disguise scarring improves client’s quality of life

17 May 2018

Tom and his family turned to us for advice about compensation and rehabilitation
tom jones work injury cosmesis scarring improves quality life rehab recovery

Tom Jones suffered an atrocious personal injury at work. His physical recovery has been a long and arduous process involving several surgeries as well as months of pain but his psychological well-being has also suffered.

Fortunately, most scars heal quickly and leave only a faint mark but for Tom, his severe scarring served as a constant and permanent visual reminder of his trauma, causing him to lose confidence, sap his elf-esteem and disrupt his rehabilitation and recovery.

His scarring made Tom shun social interaction damaging his self-confidence even further. Tom avoided hydrotherapy treatment, intended to help with his recovery and rehabilitation, simply because he did not want anyone to see his scars and preferred to stay covered up, no matter what the weather, leading to even more discomfort during the warmer months.

Tom‘s depression and isolation became progressively worse. He no longer wanted to leave home and interact with the outside world. He found it frustratingly difficult to do the things he’d previously around the house to help. He couldn’t even pick up his young daughter to give her a cuddle.

Many victims turn to purely cosmetic solutions – creams, concealers and camouflage make-up - that will disguise the appearance of a scar to some extent but quickly realise the limitations of those products. Many who have suffered scarring also believe that they are limited to the options available to them on the NHS – often little more than a crude nylon sleeve.

Tom and his family turned to Shoosmiths Solicitors for advice about compensation and rehabilitation. Quite apart from the litigation itself, helping to restore a client’s quality of life is a priority for the team at Shoosmiths Solicitors. We referred Tom to The London Prosthetic Centre which specialises in prosthetics and cosmesis - high-quality silicone covers that disguise scar tissue and mimics natural skin.

Tom’s cosmesis was a revolutionary approach to disguising severe scarring and was tailored to meet his unique requirements. Matched to his specific skin colour and texture, the cosmesis incorporates skin pigmentation, freckles, veins and hairs to produce an authentic and personalised finish that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

The difference that this sophisticated scar disguise solution has made to Tom’s mental well-being is enormous. It has provided a confidence boost that enables him to be active and socialise again and, in turn, helps to support his full rehabilitation.

The settlement being negotiated on Tom’s behalf will include an allowance for the provision of a silicone cosmesis for the rest of his life.



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