Appeal for information about exposure to asbestos in merchant navy

24 April 2018

The widow of 77-year-old Carl Hood has appealed for people from Newcastle who may have worked alongside her husband in the shipping industry during the 1960’s and 70’s to contact Kate Price-Marson, a solicitor specialising in work-related cancer claims with law firm Shoosmiths.

Mr Hood died in March 2016, having been diagnosed with asbestosis and pleural plaques in 2015 and may have been exposed to asbestos when he worked in the merchant navy from 1961 to 1966 as an engineer on-board the Shell tankers Capulonix and Capulina.

Carl was subsequently employed by the British Engine Boiler and Electrical insurance Company from 1966 to 1968 where he worked in the UK as an inspector of boilers and machinery. He then went on to work in the Far East and Hong Kong for the China Light Company in a similar role from 1968 to 1986.

Mr Hood retired in 2005 and although he and his wife lived in Leicestershire, at the time of his employment with the shipping companies he lived in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area.

Kate Price-Marson is seeking information from any of Mr Hood’s former colleagues who worked directly with him during his time as a ships engineer or any work mates with whom he may have discussed his previous employment history to try to establish when and how he may have come into contact with deadly asbestos fibres. She said:

‘Mrs Hood knows of colleagues who worked with her husband in later years, but because they were not married at the time, she is unaware of any work mates from Newcastle and the North East when he worked in shipping, which is when his exposure to asbestos is more likely to have occurred.’

Asbestos exposure among those who worked in the merchant navy is not uncommon. A report by a firm of maritime surveyors in 2014 found that asbestos was still being used in 85% of new ships, despite some of these vessels having certificates 'proving' they were asbestos free.

Anyone who thinks they might have relevant information or remembers working with Carl should call Kate Price-Marson on 03700 86 4031 or email [email protected]


For further information please contact: 
Allan Bisset,  Shoosmiths
T : 03700 866736
E : [email protected]



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