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Care and Nursing Homes


An elderly person, or indeed a vulnerable adult of any age, placed in a care or nursing home by their concerned relatives are amongst the most dependent of people on others to look after their needs and interests.

Few will have taken that step without a lot of thought and some reservations, however there may be little option but to turn to some form of residential care as your loved one’s medical and care needs become more acute.  

The majority of care providers and care workers are dedicated and compassionate people working in often demanding and difficult circumstances. However, reported abuse or neglect at nursing and care homes, frequently featured in the press and media will do little to reassure concerned relatives that their vulnerable loved one is being treated as they should.

Harm, injury or worse caused by oversight or even factors such as poor staffing levels or inadequate training is hard enough to comprehend. But when such injuries to vulnerable people who deserve care and compassion are the result of deliberate abuse or neglect they are totally unacceptable.

Whatever the reasons for being in residential or nursing care of some kind, any vulnerable resident or patient of any age has a right to health, dignity and individual respect. It can be extremely distressing to discover that a parent or loved one has suffered abuse. Our solicitors can help when anyone or any organisation in a position of trust causes harm or distress to a vulnerable relative, either deliberately, or by failing to provide necessary care. 

We have many years’ experience in dealing with cases like these, which can be complex as well as emotionally charged. You may think it would be difficult to prove that abuse or neglect has taken place, especially if your loved one has a condition like dementia that impairs their recollection of events. That’s why it's vital to have expert lawyers who fully understand the legal processes involved on your side. Our specialist national team can work with you and your family to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one as a first priority and hold those responsible for any harm they may have suffered accountable.

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